Why AMI?

We deliver professionalism and quality on every project

Define the Customer’s Expectations

  • Automated Motion strives to provide a solution that exceeds expectations
  • We collaborate to understand our customer’s project scope and requirements
  • We clearly define what is requried for a successful solution and what we are providing
  • We establish cost, scope and delivery so customers can plan accurately
  • Define key milestones for project reviews and delivery

Define the Customer’s Requirements

  • Experience is highly valued in our business so a satisfied customer is a life time partner
  • Work with the customer to understand the characteristics of their product and operation

Clearly Define the Project Scope

  • Defining a ‘project scope’ is classified by the deliverables, project boundaries, features and functions as all of these impact the end result
  • Understanding the ‘project scope’ means breaking down the project into manageable tasks that can be clearly defined
  • Provide clear and concise approval drawing so the customer knows what is being purchased
  • Include the owner in the final review and testing phase to identify issues prior to installation

Execute and Deliver on Time

  • Attaining acceptable delivery performance is critical
  • Performance shortfalls are eliminated by weekly progress meetings
  • Communication is key for execution

Installation and Training

  • Installation is completed by our trained staff registered with ISN Global Safety Network
  • Every project proposed by Automated Motion comes with training included.  We believe this is an integral part of the long term success of any installed system
  • Understanding your system creates long term success that benefits all parties

Support after the Sale

  • Prompt support is critical for long term benefits
  • Remote dial-up support can be integrated into the system for quicker technical support. Ask about AMI’s Remote Connectivity and Support offering.
  • Quarterly service calls can be scheduled to provide additional resources for the customer
  • Detailed and complete documentation so that the customer has the information requried to support the system