Robotically load and unload heavy water bottles with speed and ease

Eliminate the heavy lifting!

Automated Motion’s Aqualoader™ is the robotic solution for solving tough productivity and ergonomic issues in the water bottling industry.  Designed with our NeckSupport™ gripper design to gently handle the bottles and greatly reduce neck breakage, the Aqualoader is capable of loading and unloading 5 gallon or 3 gallon bottles across all of the major rack systems (ProStack, TierStack, and metal racks) up to 1400 bottles/hour.

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  • Eliminate injury exposure
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase the profitability
  • Removes the direct labor cost
  • Built for easy turnkey installation
  • Increase bottle circulation
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Gentle Bottle Handling

Greatly reduce bottle breakage with the NeckSupportTM gripper design. The necks are secured with most of the weight of the bottle supported by the shoulder. This increases bottle circulation and decreases cost by virtually eliminating neck breakage.